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Welcome to all visiting my Fb page, whether you are currently travelling in Vietnam or planning to experience the beautiful Dalat country side in the future. My name is ‘‘Thong’ in Vietnamese. Being born and bred in Dalat, I have firsthand knowledge of the area and all it has to offer. I am an English speaking driver who has been driving for 25 years and working as a tour guide since 2013 focussing on Dalat and the surrounding areas.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge and love of Vietnam, especially this area, with tourists from many countries including Asia, USA, Europe and the Pacific region. I have made some amazing friendships with some people keeping in touch over the years.

My partners and I enjoy sharing our local tourist attractions, our country side, the weather, knowledge and traditions with all tourists in a professional manner, using late model vehicles and adapting tours to the needs and requests of those engaging us to show them what Dalat has that is so unique in Vietnam. We will also explain the history and traditional life of those settled in this region. It would be a pleasure to welcome you and share some of your precious holiday time showing you around Dalat and possibly transferring you to or from another tourist area like Mui Ne , Nhatrang, Hochiminh, Cat Tien National Forest.


We have many contacts to ensure that you enjoy your experience and hopefully will return to Vietnam with your family and/or friends. We now take pleasure in detailing some of the tours we offer for your consideration:♥️

Phone Number: 0818643129
Whatsapp: 0818643129
Line: 02633991034

– https://www.facebook.com/1403702846400251

– Web: https://dalattours.business.site
Gmail: dalattourmrthong@gmail.com
– 7 seats car( from 1 to 7 people).
– 16 seats Van( from 1 to 15 people).
BIG VAN 16 SEATS: 1.100.000 vietnamdong (about 48 USD)/per 1 Van / per 1Day,
7 SEATS CAR: 800.000 vietnamdong ( about 35 USD)/ per 1 Car / per/ 1 Day,….
( below 80 Klms)

1 Datanla Waterfall.
2 Truc Lam Pagoda,, cable car , robin hill.
3 Fairy Scenery.
4 Reply 1994 coffee or Kokono coffee ( chose 1 of 2 ).
5 Linh Phuoc Pagoda.
6 Hydrangea Farm.
( about 80 Kilometers, Visiting 9 places ) / 1 day
. 800.000…Vietnamdong( about 35 USD)- ( with 7 seats car (1 car).
.1.100.000..Vietnamdong( about 48 USD)-( with luxury minivan 16 seats (1 Van).

1 tuyet tinh coc ( blue water)
3 Hoa son dien trang.
4 Van thanh flower village.
5 Puppy farm.
6 Domain church
7 Up coffee ( if still have time )
( About 110 klms) / 1 day
Price: 1.000.000 vietnamdong( about 44 USD)- with 7 seats car ( 1 car ).
– 1.300.000 vietnamdong( about 57 USD)- with Big van 16 seats ( 1 Van ).

1 Pren waterfall
2 F Cánh đồng hoa
3 Palace 1
4 Hydrangea farm
5 Cau dat tea farm
6 Flower garden , Xuan Huong lake
7 Train Station ( if still have time ).
About(120 klms) / 1 day
Price: 1.200.000 vietnamdong( about 53 USD) with 7 seats car .
1.400.000 vietnamdong( about 61 USD) with 16 seats van.

All the tours start at 8 AM and finish at 5 to 5.30 PM everyday.

– One day and finish in Muine
1 White sand.
2 Red sand.
3 Fishing village.( just have a look and take photos on the way)
4 Fairy stream.
Finish before 5 PM..
Price: – 2.200.000 vietnamdong( about 96 USD)- with Minivan 7 seats.
– 2.500.000 vietnamdong( about 108 USD)-with Big Van 16 seats.
– One day and return in Dalat:
Finish before 5 PM..
Price: – 2.700.000 vietnamdong( about 117 USD )-with Minivan 7 seats.
– 3.000.000 vietnamdong( about 131 USD)-with Big Van 16 seats.

-Nha trang to Dalat one way
Dalat to Nha trang one way
– 1.600.000 vietnamdong( about 70 USD) with 7 seats car.
– 1.800.000 vietnamdong( about 79 USD) with Big Van 16 seats.
-Nha trang to Dalat one way, Half day Tour and finish in Dalat .
Dalat to Nha trang one way, Half day Tour and finish in Nha trang.
1 pick up in Nhatrang or Dalat.
2 Hydrangea Farm
3 Linh Phuoc temple
4 Sunny Farm
5 Train station or Flower garden
6 Lam vien square, Doha coffee.
– 2.000.000 vietnamdong( about 87 USD)- with 7 seats car.
– 2.200.000 vietnamdong( about 96 USD)- with Big Van 16 seats.

-Other countries like: Hochiminh, Cat Tien, …etc..Please read on Facebook pages..
-Picking up and Sending to Lienkhuong (dalat ) Airport.
Price: – 400.000 vietnamdong( about 18 USD)- with Minivan 7 seats.
– 700.000 vietnamdong( about 31 USD)-
with Big van 16 seats..
-The services are included :
7 seats Car or 16 Seats Van, English Speaking Driver, Petrol, Road, Parking Tolls.
No Need to deposit, paying when finishing all Tours.
Thank you and Best regards to you.

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